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Pavel Kotelevskii Photography
I discovered my passion for photography in 2011 when exploring the southern regions of Russia. The mesmerizing snow-capped mountains and valleys with 1000 shades of green captivated me. I had always been an artistic person, having completed 5 years of study at an Art School. And this interest grew into a love for taking beautiful landscape photographs all around the world.
I’m lucky because I’ve travelled a lot and have had the chance to see some incredible places. Whether it be the stunning Caucasus mountains, the rolling hills of rural Burma or the sunset over a beach on the Sunshine Coast, I always like to capture the local beauty with my lens.

I love to search for original compositions in diverse settings. I work with water, earth, trees and the sky and love to bring the atmosphere of a picturesque scene into someone’s home or workspace through one of my photos. After all, art has the power to inspire, to heal and to create or change energy. So come and check out my prints and invite some of the world’s beauty into your space. 

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