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Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon

Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon Complete Guide 2019

Vang Vieng is famed for its outdoor activities and the Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon is considered a must-see for anyone travelling through the backpacker town. As soon as you enter Vang Vieng, you are bombarded with signage outside travel agencies, on the sides of tuk-tuks and in hotels and guest houses…all advertising the appealing azure waters of the Blue Lagoons.

So, what actually is the Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon and how do you get there? When is the best time to go and what about all the other swimming spots that bear the name ‘Blue Lagoon’ as well? In this guide to Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon, we will answer all these questions and more!

What Is The Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon?

Well, that depends on WHICH Blue Lagoon you’re talking about. The original blue lagoon (Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon 1) is a swimming spot that is extremely famous in Vang Vieng, Laos. Its name represents exactly what you’ll find there. Gorgeous blue waters surrounded by jungle with a heap of water activities available. It boasts a water slide, life-jacket hire, zip-lining and a café that mean you can spend the entire day swimming, slipping, sliding and sipping without a care in the world. This is a nature-friendly equivalent to a bar-side pool.

The main Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon is the most famous and also the most crowded, often with an overwhelming number of swimmers that make it impossible to really chill out and relax.

However, there are more blue lagoons in Vang Vieng that each differ slightly from one another and offer completely different experiences. Keep reading for our guide to Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon for more info.

How Many Blue Lagoons Are There in Vang Vieng?

Vang Vieng has a lot of natural springs, meaning the number of pristine swimming spots is potentially limitless. However, there are certain ones that have infrastructure especially for tourists and tuk-tuk drivers travel there frequently. Rumour has it that there are as many as five such Blue Lagoons! Here we’ll give a breakdown of each one.

Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon 1

A beautiful but disgustingly overcrowded waterhole equipped with ziplines, slides and food and beverage. This place is not for you if you’re after a quiet, relaxing time on the water. However, there certainly is a lot happening there as it is the main spot that tourists head to for a swim. Entry is 10,000 kip.
For a detailed guide to this spot, check out HERE.

Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon 2

Although less touristy than Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon 1, Blue Lagoon 2 does still attract the crowds. It has all the infrastructure – cabanas, swimming areas, platforms for jumping – making it a popular spot for those wishing to avoid Blue Lagoon 1. Entry is 10,000 kip.
For directions, check out THIS VIDEO.

Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon
Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon

Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon 3

Lagoon 3 seems to be a favourite among bloggers. It is way less crowded than Blue Lagoon 1 and perhaps because it is located about 1 hour out of town, 14km past Blue Lagoon 1. It is possible to reach Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon 3 by bike although the road is not smooth. You will need to cross a bridge with a toll of 10,000 kip. In our opinion, it is well worth the bumpy trip though.

Entry is 10,000 kip and you can expect to find tubes, ziplines, food and beverages here.

Although famed as being completely deserted, Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon 3 is growing in popularity and you may even run into a crowd there. Sometimes there are a few locals swimming there, sometimes a huge group of tourists arrives. It just depends on your luck.

Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon 4

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon 4. Although, seeing as number 5 exists, number 4 has to be somewhere. Maybe one of our readers can fill us in on this spot? If you know anything about Blue Lagoon 4, send us a message at the bottom of this post! We’d love to hear from you.

Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon 5

Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon 5 is even further away than Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon 3 and is still a work in progress. The caretakers are continually adding something or upgrading existing infrastructure here. It really is far enough away to deter the hordes of tourists and we have a feeling that Blue Lagoon 5 will soon be the new Blue Lagoon 3. Check out their Facebook page for maps, pictures and more.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon?

Entry into Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon 1, 2 and 3 is 10,000 kip. This doesn’t include the tuk-tuk or scooter you’ll need to get there, or the 10,000 or so kip you’ll need to pay for entering with a vehicle if you take a scooter. Bear these extra costs in mind.

If you’re booking a package tour that includes a visit to the lagoon, you’ll have to check whether the entrance fee is included in the package cost. Remember to take money for drinks and snacks too!

Where can I book a trip to the Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon?

A tuk-tuk ride to the (any) Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon can be organized with any tuk-tuk driver on the street. The price to get to Blue Lagoon 3 has been quoted at 120,000 Kip and you can split this between however many people are travelling.

If you’d like to visit the Blue Lagoon as part of a tour including other activities such as caving, tubing or rock climbing, then you can book this package at your guest house or at any travel agency in town (they are very prolific). If you are interested in tubing in Vang Vieng, check out our guide to Vang Vieng Tubing here!

Safety at Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon

While we never encountered any danger at Vang Vieng blue lagoons, that is not to say that everything is hunky dory. There are swings, ziplines and wooden bridges at most of these spots and it’s not clear whether they’re checked regularly or whether any maintenance is carried out on them.

What can you do to stay safe? Just use common sense.

Check all water before diving in. Don’t swim and dive if you’ve had too much to drink. Test each rope/zip line to see if it’s sturdy before using it.

What to bring to Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon?

– Sunscreen. This is simply a must everywhere in South East Asia. Make sure you have enough to reapply throughout the day. You don’t want your awesome lagoon experience to end with roasted skin. Trust us. Travelling is no fun with sunburn, especially the road travel!

– A hat and sunglasses. You can pick up cheap hats and sunglasses at most clothing stores in Vang Vieng.

– A Waterproof Bag. If you’re planning on taking phones, wallets or anything else valuable, just pick up a waterproof bag at one of the many outlets in Vang Vieng. They are super cheap and could save you a lot of agonizing.

– Thongs, sandals or some kind of footwear.

The Best Times for Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon

The best time to visit the Vang Vieng Blue Lagoons is between October and March. The rainy season is all but over towards the end of October and you can enjoy the cool lagoon waters as the sun heats up the rest of Laos. In terms of time, the spots become understandably busier after lunch so time your trip accordingly.

If you are interested in tubing in Vang Vieng, check out our guide to Vang Vieng Tubing here!

Also, travels go hand in hand with photography – who doesn’t take a lot of photos when they travel? If you are one of those people (like we are), check out our Fine Art Photography page and let us know what you think!

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