Sunset Temple Art Print

Fine Art Photography Print. One of the many temples in Bagan, Myanmar. Said to be the city of 4000 temples, Bagan has a mysterious atmosphere. Thousands of temples, yet every single one has its own character.

The temple featured here has experienced hundreds of years of history. What has it seen? Wars? Ceremonies? Worshipping? Or maybe just a humble farmer who came to offer flowers and fruits to Buddha at the end of the day and left his bicycle outside?

Product info:
This photo is printed on high quality professional photographic paper.
Do note that the colours of the print may vary from what you see on your screen, this is due to devices representing colours differently.

© Pavel Kotelevskii Photography | All rights reserved.
Please note that this is a copyright photo. The photograph is sold for display purposes and should not be copied or reproduced.



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